As you face challenges in protecting your IP, W. R. Samuels Law is there to provide a host of services tailored to protect, secure, and police intellectual property and proprietary information at home and around the world. These services include:

  • Full IP Counseling & Audit Services: We coordinate with you to develop a tailored IP protection plan and strategy that works for your business and we guide you through the phases of the protection processes.
  • Trademarks: We manage domestic and international trademark portfolios, including trademark prosecution, providing trademark watch services, as well as actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and federal courts.
  • Copyrights: We manage copyright portfolios, including copyright registration matters, new media issues, and ownership considerations.
  • Patents: We work with clients at every stage to evaluate their designs and inventions, determine the optimal strategy for securing their rights, and securing, protecting, and monetizing those rights.
  • IP Enforcement & Defense: We will analyze and provide opinions regarding IP infringement matters, including trademark, copyright, trade secret, and IP ownership.
  • IP Licenses & Agreements: We provide a full spectrum of licensing, terms of use, assignment, non-disclosure, and agreement services—we negotiate and draft the necessary agreements so you may develop, license, obtain, transfer, and commercialize your IP. We can design a whole licensing program for your business or provide for a one-time license solution that fits your needs.
  • Domain Names & the Internet: We address domain name conflict issues in a variety of ways depending on the circumstances of the issue and other considerations, pursuing negotiation strategies to secure the transfer of domain names from third parties in order to secure your online brand, as well as via UDRP (domain dispute resolution) to enforce your rights and to maintain brand integrity.
  • Trade Secrets: We design trade secret protection plans that will ensure that your proprietary information and business “know how” will be appropriately protected without being a burden to your daily business activities and future growth.
  • Counterfeits: We offer services and strategies to protect you against counterfeit products to enable you to maintain supply chain integrity through securing your IP and enforcing your rights though customs and law enforcement, at home and abroad.
  • Unfair Competition: We provide strategies and actions for protecting and enforcing your rights against third parties that harm your business through their deceptive or wrongful business practices.